ICCV 2019 Workshop Schedule (Oct 28th)
08:45Opening Remarks
09:10Pei Sun (Waymo)
“Waymo Open Dataset Update”
09:30Li​​ ​​Erran​​ ​​Li (Scale AI)
“Scaling data labeling for autonomous driving”
10:00Wei Liu (Nuro)
“Scaling Robotics with Machine Learning”
10:30Coffee Break
11:30Adrien Gaidon (Toyota Research Institute)
“Self-Supervised Monocular Depth for Automated Driving”
12:00Liang Wang (Baidu)
12:30Lunch Break
14:00Yang Song (Waymo)
“Perception in Self Driving: Challenges and Opportunities”
14:40Nick Rhinehart (CMU)
“Jointly Forecasting and Controlling Behavior by Learning from High-Dimensional Data”
15:20Marc Pollefeys (ETH)
“AutoVision: towards camera-only urban and rural autonomous navigation. ”
16:00Coffee Break
16:30Subhasis Das (Zoox)
“Perception and Prediction for dense urban environments”
17:00David Hsu (NUS)
“Online Decision Making for Autonomous Driving in Dense Traffic”
17:30Panel Discussion
Confirmed Speakers